Are Printed Photos A Thing of the Past?

Growing up, printing out photographs from a $9.99 disposable camera was the only way you got to see your photos.


Now, digital images are what most clients seek. For our generation,  will there be any printed photos 20 years from now?


I remember seeing my old baby photographs in albums on the bookcases in my parents living room. My parents would sometimes tell stories of what we did as children and pull the photos out. I remember seeing my grandparents wedding album. I remember how wonderful it felt to see them.

Fast forward 20 years and everything around us is digital, including our photos.

Digital photos are a dime a dozen. They are disposal too. Some people take around 100 photos in a day. Can you believe that maybe 5 of those 100 will make it social media? No one will ever see those photos again. They will get backed up on a computer somewhere and disappear into Nowhereland. That is the place where digital photos go and die – Nowhereland.

My husband and I make a big deal of printing out our photos. We know that maybe in 3-5 years that digital CD or software probably will not even be supported by our computer we own today. Our computer may even be obsolete by that time. This is because by the time you receive your brand new Mac book Pro – the technology is already behind and they are working on the currently model!

So what does this mean for our generation?

For us, it means going old school. Remember how you felt when you got your yearbook with all the photos from school? Remember how it felt to open your family album and gaze on those printed photos?

Imagine your house burns in a fire. What do most people save first? Their memories! Most of the time that is all that is left. Nostalgia is why prints are important.

If you are not printing your memories then, in a larger since, you are losing them over time.


We are all guilty of not backing up our cellphones and not printing our child’s birthday photos. But if digital is a dime a dozen, then prints are everlasting. They are tangible items you pass from generation to generation in the hopes that our future posterity will look back on them the same way we look back on our grandparents photos today.

Printed photos may not be for everyone, but they are something that withstand the test of time.

I know I would rather have my grandparents picture hung on my wall, or my son’s newborn photo in a canvas on my fireplace, than stuffed on a hard drive collecting dust.

I love digital photos, but they are simply a medium for me to get to print, they are not the end result.


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