Fall / Holiday Mini Sessions – November 11th and 12th

This year, Fall / Holiday Mini Sessions are November 11th and 12th!  This year is special because it’s my first year doing Holiday mini’s!!

I am offering them at only $50 to celebrate!! It’s a great price for families who may have flooded during Harvey and/or who are on a budget. It’s the perfect time of year to update your family photos!

The mini session includes: 15-20 minute mini session and 8 professionally edited digital photos with print release.

I always have people ask me to what to wear for their photos. Usually, I recommend neutral colors and mix, but somewhat matching outfits. But for Christmas/Holidays, I like to recommend people be festive! Wear that red sweater in the back of your closet. If everyone wears the same color family, but not necessarily matching outfits, the photo usually turns out great.

If you want more tips on what to wear and how to prepare for your shoot, you can visit my “How to Prepare for Your Photoshoot” post.


Below are the days and times left open for mini’s:

Nov 11 –  No Times Available

Nov 12 – 3:30pm,  3:50pm,  4:10pm,  4:30pm


You can book and pay directly to my calendar! The link is below!



Also, if you are a graduating senior, I am offering $50 off your senior session if you book before January 1, 2018! Cheers to the holiday season! 🙂





Are Printed Photos A Thing of the Past?

Growing up, printing out photographs from a $9.99 disposable camera was the only way you got to see your photos.


Now, digital images are what most clients seek. For our generation,  will there be any printed photos 20 years from now?


I remember seeing my old baby photographs in albums on the bookcases in my parents living room. My parents would sometimes tell stories of what we did as children and pull the photos out. I remember seeing my grandparents wedding album. I remember how wonderful it felt to see them.

Fast forward 20 years and everything around us is digital, including our photos.

Digital photos are a dime a dozen. They are disposal too. Some people take around 100 photos in a day. Can you believe that maybe 5 of those 100 will make it social media? No one will ever see those photos again. They will get backed up on a computer somewhere and disappear into Nowhereland. That is the place where digital photos go and die – Nowhereland.

My husband and I make a big deal of printing out our photos. We know that maybe in 3-5 years that digital CD or software probably will not even be supported by our computer we own today. Our computer may even be obsolete by that time. This is because by the time you receive your brand new Mac book Pro – the technology is already behind and they are working on the currently model!

So what does this mean for our generation?

For us, it means going old school. Remember how you felt when you got your yearbook with all the photos from school? Remember how it felt to open your family album and gaze on those printed photos?

Imagine your house burns in a fire. What do most people save first? Their memories! Most of the time that is all that is left. Nostalgia is why prints are important.

If you are not printing your memories then, in a larger since, you are losing them over time.


We are all guilty of not backing up our cellphones and not printing our child’s birthday photos. But if digital is a dime a dozen, then prints are everlasting. They are tangible items you pass from generation to generation in the hopes that our future posterity will look back on them the same way we look back on our grandparents photos today.

Printed photos may not be for everyone, but they are something that withstand the test of time.

I know I would rather have my grandparents picture hung on my wall, or my son’s newborn photo in a canvas on my fireplace, than stuffed on a hard drive collecting dust.

I love digital photos, but they are simply a medium for me to get to print, they are not the end result.


Farmers Market Series – Gundermann Acres

The next vendor is the Farmers Market Series is Gundermann Acres! I am so excited to feature them! When I think of Farmers Markets, I think of produce. If you think that too, then look no further!


Garrett and Stacie Gundermann own Gundermann Acres.  Garrett’s grandparents, Walter and Dorothy Gundermann,  founded Peachland, a 90-acre peach orchard, in Glen Flora, Tx. In the mid-1990’s, Garrett’s parents, Joan and Walter, gave the farm a little makeover and decided to grow other fruits and vegetables. Thus, Gundermann Farms was born.


gundermann acres

And as history tends to repeat itself, now Garrett took over and renamed it to Gundermann Acres!


gundermann acres

Gundermann Acres grows and produces a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. This include strawberries, tomatoes, watermelons, zucchinni, pinto beans, green beans, and even more! You can view the full listing here.


gundermann acres

One of the greatest features of Gundermann Acres is their ability to grow produce outside of it’s natural season. How do they do it? 

They grow things hydroponically in their greenhouse.


gundermann acres

This means they grow their plants without soil. With hydroponics, the plants are grown in an inert growing medium. They also have a perfectly balanced, pH adjusted, nutrient solution that is delivered to the roots in a highly soluble form.


They grow tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, lettuce, squash/zucchini, bell peppers, strawberries, and an assortment of herbs hydroponically. So if  you are looking for fresh, delicious produce all year round, look no further than Gundermann Acres.


gundermann acres

Nothing is more satisfying that taking photos of gorgeous fruits and vegetables. Oh….except eating them!


gundermann acres

Don’t be shy! Come check Gundermann Acres out this Saturday! They will be at the Energy Corridor Farmers Market Saturdays from 9am-1pm. You can also visit their Facebook page! They have tons of additional information on their website as well.


gundermann acres


Farmers Market Series – La Colmena Mexican Candy

The featured vendor for the Farmers Market Series this week is La Colmena Mexican Candy! Their story is pretty sweet!

This vendor’s feature is a little different! It’s more of a Q & A! Check out Gina’s story and how this is a 5TH GENERATION CANDY STORE!

How did La Colmena get started? 

I began re-introducing my father’s candy to Houston on a very part-time basis, just once or twice a month, as I could in 2012. There existed a family candy business for a few generations that officially closed right before I was born.

What makes La Colmena’s products unique?

My family’s candy was very well-known in the Houston-Galveston-Richmond area from the 1950s to the 1970s as most Mexican Restaurants sold my father’s candy during those years. Most people remember our candy from restaurants such as Monterey House, Felix Mexican Restaurant, Molina’s and many others from back in those years.

La Colmena

My father is 80 years old now and the candy originated with his grandfather who was a Master candy maker in Monterrey, Mexico. I am the fourth generation candy maker in the family and my 18-year-old daughter is the fifth generation candy maker in training. At this time our candy is preservative free and gluten free.

La Colmena

What would you want your customers to know about La Colmena that they would not find elsewhere?

Our candy is both authentically Mexican in origin as well as Texan. My father, my daughter and myself are native born Houstonians.

La Colmena

If you want to learn more about La Colmena’s rich history and savor their delicious candy, visit their Facebook page! You can check out their pricing below as well!


1/2 lb. Leche Quemada (plain candy) = $8.00
1/2 lb. Leche Quemada w/pecan = $8.50

1 lb. Leche Quemada (plain candy) = $15.50
1 lb. Leche Quemada w/pecan = $16.50

3.5 oz. Mexican Pecan Praline = $5.00
1/2 lb. Mexican Pecan Praline = $9.75

Note: Leche Quemada is sold in 1/4 lb. bags at markets but we can package your prepaid order in 1/2 lb. or 1 lb. bags for pick up at a market.

You can private message their Facebook page, call 832-452-1100, or E-mail your order to lacolmena.gina@gmail.com.

You also check them out every Saturday from 9am-1pm at the Energy Corridor Farmers Market!

Farmers Market Series – Nando’s Honey Bee Farm

Nando’s Honey Bee Farm is the next vendor in my Farmers Market Series! If you have not checked out the Energy Corridor Farmer’s Market every Saturday from 9am-1pm, then you should!


When I think of honey, I think of Winnie the Pooh… probably because I have a two year old at home. Winnie the Pooh is all about honey. That is his main objective, besides hanging out with Tigger, Rabbit, Eeyore, and Christopher Robin. Pooh knows what it is important.

Nando’s Honey Bee Farm is no different. They know the importance honey has on tea, coffee, and more importantly, your health.

Their main slogan is “A teaspoon a day keeps the allergies away!”

Nando's Honey Bee Farm

Owners, Fernando Sr. and Fernando Jr. both faced seasonal allergies throughout their entire lives. They searched for a solution to keep their allergies at bay. What was the solution? Honey! Fernando Jr. had an idea that his dad and he should start beekeeping so they could always have honey.

Nando's Honey Bee Farm

As time went by, they had done more research and were ready to open Nando’s Honey Bee Farm! They opened in 2012. Fernando Sr. and Fernando Jr. later joined the Brazoria County Beekeeper Association. Their beekeeper, Mr. Martinez, and his family, supported Fernando Jr.’s beekeeping passion.

Fernando Jr was recognized as Brazoria County’s youngest beekeeper in 2016.

Nando's Honey Bee Farm

They attend several markets around Houston including the Energy Corridor Farmers Market! For more information on them and how to get their products, check out the local market or visit their site! They also have a Facebook page you can check out!




Farmers Market Series – Urban Dog Barkery

Have you checked out the Farmers Market from 9am-1pm? If you haven’t you should! The featured vendor this week is the Urban Dog Barkery!


The Urban Dog Barkery is family owned and operated. It focuses on healthy products, especially treats. They used to own a healthy pet food store. After selling the store, they ended up rescuing Lady. Lady is how they decided to make healthy treats for their pets, and now YOURS! You can read the entire story of they found her here!


Urban Dog Barkery

All of their products now are tasted by their current dogs, Buffy and Millie, as well new faces that come through their door. You can read more about Buffy and Millie here!

All the Urban Dog Barkery’s treats are made from healthy ingredients, including fruits and vegetables. They do not contain any wheat four or additives. There are no preservatives, no added colors, no byproducts, no corn, and no soy either.

Urban Dog Barkery

Dogs who eat their treats have been found to have better digestion, less skin irritation, more deliciousness, and even “beautiful” poop.


Urban Dog Barkery

Urban Dog Barkery

You can even shop online to order your pets treats! You can also catch them in person and here their story every Saturday at the Energy Corridor Farmers Market from 9am-1pm!


Urban Dog Barkery

Now that is something to bark about!


One Year Milestone Portraits — Hermann Park

Cue the confetti — Fletcher is ONE!


One Year Milestone sessions are always a joy to photograph. Squishy babies, or almost toddlers, who are just learning to walk and view the world around them bring smiles all around.

Fletcher’s one year session was no different. He definitely made me laugh. He had a signature face as well. It was like the blue steel — only cuter!

One Year Milestone

One Year Milestone

His session was pretty nostalgic for me, as my own son just turned 18 months pretty recently. His one year milestone was not that long ago!

Fletcher’s portraits were taken in Hermann Park. I always love taking photos there, no matter the occasion! The setting is absolutely gorgeous, nature is everywhere, and I always find a new spot that I think is beautiful. That particular Saturday afternoon had the best weather too!

One Year Milestone

One Year Milestone

One Year Milestone

One Year Milestone

One Year Milestone

Milestone sessions are always special, but one year is a true treasure to most parents. How tall was he? When was he walking? How many teeth did he have? All those questions, that most parents cannot remember the answers after days of work, teething, and potty training, can be held forever and even hung on the wall.

For Fletcher’s one year session, his chalkboard was done by Any Occasion Chalkboards. Jessica has been making chalkboards professionally since 2015. All of her boards are absolutely stunning! For that reason, Any Occasion Chalkboards is now included in ALL my milestone sessions and packages!

One Year Milestone

One Year Milestone


Fletcher’s One Year Milestone was one for the books! Thanks Crystal and Jarrad for letting me capture such a sweet moment!


Senior Portraits – Stratford High

Senior portrait season is almost over for all the 2017 grads! Graduation will round the corner in less than two weeks. This particular Senior Portrait session is truly near and dear to my heart.


I met Grace when she was 9 years old. I have had the great fortune of watching her become a beautiful, responsible young woman. She is fun, energetic, easy to work with, and a true joy to photograph.

Grace is going to go on to do BIG BIG things. I feel honored to have been to able to capture such a sweet moment for her.

That is why Senior Grads portraits have been some my favorite photo shoots. Most of them come with great ideas on what they want and are really willingly to try so many different styles and poses. They are so full of life and have their entire futures ahead of them. This shoot in particular held so much nostalgia for me.

In my time of knowing her, I have seen many firsts for her, but in particular it melts my heart a bit to know she got into the college of her choice – A&M.

She is a living example that anything possible if you just dream BIG.

One of my favorite looks I photographed was a bohemian goddess style. I just love the look of Grace’s outfit in the following images. The beige gown with tulle pleated overlay paired with a gold necklace and nude heels was just the right look for that airy goddess feel. Add the pink and white flower crown and it was too perfect for words!



Even though I am sad to see her graduate and head off to A&M, I am so excited for her to start this new journey in her life.




Farmers Market Series – Plant It Forward

Plant It Forward is changing the way Houston farms. Plant It Forward gives refugees the tools and business skills to become successful farmers.

Plant It Forward

Each farmer is trained to farm using organic practices and sell their produce through farmers markets, farm stands, farm shares, and restaurants.   They are the third featured vendor in the Farmers Market Series!


Plant It Forward’s goal is to have a farm in every neighborhood in Houston. Right now, they grow all their produce within city limits and without chemicals and pesticides.

Plant It Forward

Houston is one of the top 20 fattest cities in America! We import almost all of the food we consume too. Even though more farm to table restaurants are happening, the farms are not necessarily sourced out of Houston. Some are sourced as far as El Paso!

8 out of 10 Houstonians say that locally grown food is important to them. That is where Plant It Forward comes in.

They are helping give refugees a chance to start over. Most refugees, when assimilating into society, have no skills to find meaningful work outside the agrarian market. Through Plant It Forward Farms, refugees have a fresh start and help give Houston the potential to become a leader in sustainable living.

Plant It Forward

Plant It Forward has four farms in the Houston area.

If you are looking for more information  or want to stop by one of their locations and check them out, you can visit their site here! You can also visit their Facebook Page for up to date posts and events!

Plant it Forward is at the Energy Corridor Farmers Market every Saturday from 9am-1pm.

Plant It Forward

Do not miss your chance to meet them and hear their special story of how they are changing lives of not only future Houstonians, but the farming industry.



Farmers Market Series – Loam Agronomics

Loam Agronomics brings a lot to the table. Pun intended. I am so excited that they are the next featured vendor in the Farmers Market Series!

Loam Agronomics represents what farm to table should be. They are a CSA business, which means they are Community Supported Agriculture. Their farm is 288 acres and will be fully certified Organic by 2018.

This means YOU can become a member to have locally grown produce and vegetables delivered straight to your door,  if you live in the Harvest Green area. For the rest of the Houston area, they have 12 drop site locations for pickup.

For only $30 a week, you receive a box that includes 8-15 hand crafted seasonal vegetables selected to provide diversity in cooking.

You’re probably thinking that there are a lot of places around Houston now that provide Farm to Table. So what makes Loam Agronomics different?


Just like my post about Beans Coffee, it is the custom service and the quality product Loam Agronomics offers. Anywhere I go, I am always looking for custom service, because we live in such a digital society. I like to know that the establishment I am investing in cares about me as their client, and that I am not just a spreadsheet number on their income statement. Just like in my photography business, I care about bringing that same custom service to you.

Loam Agronomics prides themselves on being a sustainable farm.

Which means when it comes to quality products, they go above and beyond the industry standard techniques that protect the environment, public health, human communities, and animal welfare.  Their staff is also paid higher than the industry standard, offered Paid Time Off (PTO) and healthcare benefits.


They even do a weekly post about the produce share you will receive in your box if you become a  member. So you always know the products you are getting before they even reach your hands!

The service is straight from them to you – there is no middleman, you do not wait a week before your product gets to the grocery store (if you didn’t know this, that is how grocery stores work).


They are more than a farm, they bring their produce straight to you within 48 hours of harvesting it!

Loam Agronomics is at the Energy Corridor Farmers Market every Saturday from 9am-1pm.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to meet them and learn more about CSA. You can purchase your produce right there! No checkouts, no lines, just nature and you! Now THAT is custom service that I prefer!